You smell something in the air don’t you? Yes, that sweet aroma of fun and freedom. The holidays i’ve been dreading for is finally here!

And so for the past few days, i’ve been sleeping & eating & catching up on GOSSIP GIRL and also THE WALKING DEAD! Nothing much to add on, JUST WATCH IT! My dearest poopface introduced GG to me. The show consist of an infinitesimal quantity of bitchiness a whole lot of bitchiness in action. You’ll just love GG, because not only do they have beauties and hunks but also various unexpected plot twist and ACTION! 

On the other hand, TWD belongs to another genre but it’s equally satisfying to the eye. Although some scenes may contain gore ( chopping of heads, limbs blahblah) , but you may be able to feel more by seeing how humanity struggles to survive this crazy zombie apocalypse. I’M ALL PREPARED FOR ONE! My first weapon would be a kitchen knife! ( it’s Singapore we are living in, pistol just aint easy to get hold of)


Alright, so far my holidays is just lying in bed all day watching my drama series. But luckily i have my dumbass to cuddle with. Also, tomorrow i’ll be heading out for food WOOP! Until the next time!


Journal 05- Fat days

I’ve recently got really accustomed to saying ” Leave me alone, i’m experiencing a fat day”. You may ask what’s a fat day, basically fat days just means days where you don’t bother dressing up because you feel that you don’t look good in anything at all. Bare face because makeup can’t fix shit. And you feel crusty all day long.

I experience fat days like at least twice a WEEK. I get grumpy and all i do is stuff myself with food. Okay, maybe i exaggerate a little. But i just want to make my point that fat days are necessary and normal. I’m sure everyone has them. It’s just how we view it. I personally am a fan of fat days because no one gets to tell me what to wear and do, i just shut off and do what’s right. And what’s right means basically doing whatever i want. ( bow to me peasant) 

And i’m not even kidding. Welcome to Jess’s world. You get to witness my grumpy, annoying and weird moments first hand if you’re my friend. LOVE FAT DAYS. 

Journal 04- Foam Run

THE SUN, SWEAT, SMILES AND HOW CAN WE FORGET, FOAM! It was the first time i participated in foam run as a volunteer. I can say the experiences i gained from every marathon that i’ve participated in never fails to make me feel alive. I mean the thrills and laughter throughout the races were just priceless. It just feels like everyone were one big family. Another recent that i’ve participated in was electric run. Good music good company, basically i wouldn’t want to miss any opportunities for a chance to be in those marathons again.

I’m not someone who favours running or sweating, but let me repeat this, DO NOT HESITATE TO JOIN ANY RUNS! Especially runs like electric run, colour run, zombie run and so on. Lazy to sign up?  It might just be the best experience of your life, trust me.

However i got to admit that the sunburns weren’t that cool. Electric run and zombie run were both in the evening, when the sun is down. Foam run happened when the sun was at it’s highest point. ( Not a wise idea)  But eventually, it’s the people you meet and also your own perspective. If you are always being gloomy and negative, you can never truly enjoy yourself. So i suggest you chill once in a while, you can’t be that uptight all the time. Just rip that mask off and be yourself. And with that, i’ll end off this blog post with some photographs that i took during the event.



Look at the amount of foam! JUST LOOK


Just some peasants i met at the event



Journal 03- Sleepover

Sleepovers are all about pillow fights, late night supper, exploring the neighbourhood and not to forget heart to heart talk sessions. Just a few days back, my friend invited us over to his house because his house was finally available. I rushed over and i managed to get onboard the last train. Before that i was at the x-men movie premiere and gosh, i want to spoil the whole movie to someone badly but i would rather not get beaten up. For those loyal fans who caught all the x-men movie, THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU! Visual Effects were used throughout the whole movie. ( Hugh Jackman is my man crush monday, more like man crush all day)
As i enter his place, the usual few were already playing LoL( League of Legends). In a swift i changed into some comfy clothes and demanded for food. Sleepover checklist, explore the neighborhood for food. And that was what we did, we found prata palace. The banana prata was horrible but the egg prata and curry was simply fulfilling. After our tummies were filled we stroll back to the apartment. Number 2 on the checklist, PILLOWFIGHT. Well it wasn’t as epic but we sure laughed the night away. As we laid down anf shut our eyes, the heart to heart talk session began. We talked about our lives, what we want to be doing in a few years time, how are we going to survive these three years and so on and so forth. Nights like these keeps me going despite the stressful environment we are living in. I am truly glad to have met these bunch of people and for those who couldn’t make it, CHALET IS COMING UP! ( hate people but hate you guys lesser). And that’s the end of Journal 3!

Journal 02- A Book

When I walked into the bookstore, this was the first book that caught my attention. Despite not having a fancy looking cover, the word ‘NAKED‘ caught my attention. <the naked eye> by Charles Saatchi. This book is about how Charles Saatchi feels about certain issues and topics and he relate to them through photographs. I think that it’s really impressive how he can just link to different stories, people and even his own opinions just by looking at a single photograph.

I’m not quite done with this book yet, but at the moment my favourite page of the book is when he talked about clouds. He started off with ” Try telling Bill Rankin that clouds are soft and fluffy”. First question that came into my head was, ” Who is this Bill Rankin?”. And the next question that popped into my head was ” Aren’t all clouds soft and fluffy?” That was all it took to keep me reading on. A Dutch artist used a smoke machine to create a hovering  indoor cloud in the empty setting of a chapel in Hoorn. He wanted to create an ominous situation and it can also be deem as a misfortunate sighting. Author then relate this to a miraculous event that occurred in 1959. Lucky William Rankin barely survived the flight even though he fell into a cumulonimbus cloud. He was fortunate to have gotten away with just a severe frostbite, bleedings from eyes, nose,mouth and ears due to decompression, and also bruises on his body caused by hailstones.

It’s amazing how the sky and clouds can look so peaceful and harmless in a moment and the next, it can be disastrous and you would not want to be anywhere near those clouds. I’ve always admired the sky, especially a clear blue sky accompanied by marshmallow-looking clouds. But after reading this page, I would rather prefer not going anywhere near the clouds, just looking at them from a distance is enough to satisfy my eyes.

Journal 01- Jess

I thought I might as well dedicate the first post to me, myself and I. So who exactly is this Jess? Well, first off, she’s a seventeen teenager who still watches disney cartoons, dramas, tv shows and movies by herself when she’s at home. And she can be randomly weird at times, like who the hell cooks a big pot of rice in the middle of the night just because she was craving for rice?

Jess is also the laziest person you can ever find, she can be too lazy to even shove food into her mouth so she doesn’t eat. She can sleep for an eternity if she’s allowed to ditch all responsibility. And fact101, Jess wanted genuinely to be a hobo, a carefree jobless person living on the streets. Yes, because she dislike the thought of growing up and she don’t like being busy with so many things in life. That is why she always run away from things or people when she is stressed out or simply because she refuse to handle tough issues that requires brain cells. She laughs at everything and anything, but sometimes deep down she’s just sad and she don’t even know the reason.

So let’s sum it up a bit, Jess is a weird, lazy, childish and emotional teenager. Of course Jess knows all these things about herself, but she doesn’t dislike all these stupid traits of herself because it made her who she is. Jess can be the most annoying person on earth, but she will never do anything unpleasant or nasty to people she care for. She may not be the best person you will meet, but once you’re her friend, you better be prepare to suffer her nonsense for the rest of your life. She knows she tend to neglect some of her friends at times, but they will always have a place in her heart. Jess doesn’t care about what other people think about her, if it’s good remarks she take it, if it’s not then she’ll just trash it somewhere. In the end, what’s most important is the people that Jess loves. If they told her she’s a horrible person, She’ll probably cry about it before questioning herself. But Jess believes she wouldn’t mistreats her friends in anyway. To end this post, I know i’m not the most perfect person on earth, but what i do know is i would’t commit a crime. Okay, maybe i’ll murder for food.


P.S Jess is secretly a unicorn.